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Nazhan Kamal

A veteran hotelier in 3 continents, now teaching ESL and Bahasa Indonesia for foreigner while traveling Indonesia for coffee, sea breeze, and friends. I am the owner/tutor at engRIsh , Hyperhidrosis Motivator, and Tour Operator at Xplor.Indo. I'm on my third book, hopefully, done along with the pandemic. I have a BA in English Language major in Translation, had an extensive 20+ years of experience working in the hospitality industry in ID, the UK, USA, and the Maldives. I am interested in traveling, volunteering, and entrepreneurship.

  • Green Lake View Apt Ciputat TNG BT ID
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My Professional Skills

I'm all yours for: Hyperhidrosis solutions, Tutoring service for ESL and Bahasa Indonesian for foreigner, tour and travel in ID, and translation ENG-ID.

Hyperhidrosis Solutions 95%
English and Hospitality 95%
Translation ENG-ID 95%
Tour and Travel ID 90%


Dry your sweat now with our line of products. I founded IHHC - Indonesia Hyperhidrosis Center in 2009, the only forum and solution for excessive sweating and have been organizing annual gathering for fellow sufferers of hiperhidrosis in Indonesia.


I do corporate English training and individual tutoring. My BA in English Language plus 20+ years of experience working in hospitality industries in ID, the UK, USA, and the Maldives from 1995-2016, has made me strong in understanding the language.


I have just started in the translation business and eager to get some works on the desk. I'm a BA in English Language major in Translation ENG-ID and have a very good understanding of the language.

Tour and Travel ID

I'm offering you a virtual Indonesia where I will go to all 34 provinces of my country and shoot pictures and videos for you. Please find my gig in Fiverr "Virtual Indonesia" for better price. I'm up and ready to join you in traveling ID as soon as the tourism door is open by our govt.


You will speak Bahasa Indonesia in no time.

Fast support

For a faster response, please WhatsApp +62-811-816-2124. Thanking you in advance for your business, hope to see you soon in person while we talk/travel Indonesia.

years of experience in 3 continents
countries ID-UK-USA-MV
English is a must!
Talk/travel ID
  • Let's Learn and Practice Bahasa Indonesia

    Let's Learn and Practice Bahasa Indonesia

    Good Pagi, Selamat Morning!

    Dear friends, my name is Kamal, and I'm your tutor for ESL and Bahasa Indonesia.


    Today we're going to learn and practice the pronunciation of Indonesian alphabet, see YouTube vid. See other videos:

    Let's Learn & Practice Bahasa Indonesia: Numbers

    Let's Learn & Practice Bahasa Indonesia: Body Parts and Illnesses

    Let's Learn & Practice Bahasa Indonesia: Home Sweet Home


    If you need a private learning session for Bahasa Indonesia or English, please contact me via WhatsApp at


    I'm an ESL teacher and Bahasa Indonesia tutor since 2016.

    I was a Head Bartender for Four Seasons Hampshire, UK, West Palm Beach, FL, USA, and the Maldives from 2005-2016.


    Book a session with me on Superprof:


    Have a great day.

    See you soon!

    #bahasaindonesia #Superprof


    I'm all yours for Hyperhidrosis solutions, English training, translation and virtual assistance, tour and travel Indonesia.


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