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    About IHHC 

    I, Naz Kamal, am the founder of IHHC - Indonesia Hyperhidrosis Center. I'm a sufferer of primary focal hyperhidrosis on my palms and feet. These conditions were passed on to my two teens. I retired from my hospitality career after a long tour of duty in 20+ year in ID, the UK, USA, and the Maldives. While I was there, I was searching for an understanding as well for the 'dryness + happiness' from the ugly excessive sweating that I suffered since I was a kid. I signed up for an NHS ETS surgery to dry my right hand in Frimley hospital, the UK, which not only dried my right palm but as well as a solid understanding of the condition.

    We are highly experienced and proficient with years of experience in giving iontophoresis therapy to fellow sufferers who came to IHHC, as well as those who bought our line of products. Iontophoresis is the best treatment for sweaty palms, feet, and the whole body.

    I have been dedicating my life to motivate, educate, treat, and gather with fellow hiperhidrosis in Indonesia. After the pandemic is over, I will go to Bandung, West Java, to meet many fellow sufferers there for the 9th Acara Silaturahmi Tahunan.

    Why Choose IHHC? We have more Than 10 Years of Experience and all products we sold have been tested by ourselves to prove which one is the best to dry excessive sweating.

    Products available:

    1. Iontophoresis (Germany, Hong Kong, Canada made)
    2. Roll-On Anti-Perspirants (Maxim and Odaban)
    3. Sage Tea (our special mix)

    Buy from our online shops on Shopee or Bukalapak. Everything you need to know about hiperhidrosis in Indonesia is right here.

    IHHC is the only forum and solution for hyperhidrosis in Indonesia.

    How to treat sweaty palms and body?


    Hiperhidrosis is the medical term used for excessive sweating and is most common in areas such as hands, armpits, feet, and the whole body.


    Sweaty palms and other parts are proven to have a negative impact on many individuals in social and work settings, and many have also tried everything, but can't dry this condition.


    The only best solution to sweaty palms and body is iontophoresis therapy. You need to buy one from IHHC.


    Iontophoresis therapy will need daily treatment for the first month to set up body awareness and as a dry foundation. After the first month, you will do the therapy as needed. 


    Sweating on the hands and body can often be attributed to numerous factors such as emotional, environmental, and other medical reasons.

    Some of the more common reasons include:

    1. Genetics
    2. Stress
    3. Hormonal Imbalances
    4. Thyroid Issues


    We pride ourselves on the care and devotion to every patient with expertise, compassion, time, and understanding.

    See you soon, on the dry side!


    I'm all yours for Hyperhidrosis solutions, English training, translation and virtual assistance, tour and travel Indonesia.


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