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    In 2016, I founded engRIsh as an English learning way and media outside the classroom for my high school students. engRIsh is a way of learning English as a Bahasa Inggris in the simplest way possible. No big deal. 

    Most Indonesians typically face two challenges in learning English: a lack of confidence and fluency in using English at school or work. In shaa Allaah I can help to overcome that and lead you to better communication. Be a professional and confident English speaker to carry out your daily school or work activities effectively and to increase your performance and an overall sense of well-being in the workplace.

    I have a BA in English and have a solid understanding of the language for I had worked for over 20+ years in the hospitality industry in ID, the UK, the USA, and the Maldives. I do corporate English training and as well tutor individuals.

    Call me today for a free sample class via WhatsApp 62-851-570-55-570


    I'm all yours for Hyperhidrosis solutions, English training, translation and virtual assistance, tour and travel Indonesia.


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